We offer a wide range of artistic solutions to individuals, artists and business’s. We offer workshops, community engagement, murals and a range of multimedia solutions. We are excited to now offer individuals and businesses tailor made AR and VR solutions. We specialize in creating artistic playable content but are always enthusiastic to offer advertising and media solutions for creative marketing and Simulation based Virtual reality experiences. We make, design, build and program a range of applications for HMD and Android devices.

About the artist:

Lee Nickless As a burgeoning artist from rural Australia, Lee Nickless’ primary artistic focus was drawing. As both his self and art matured, the painter began experimenting with acrylics and pastels on canvas, devising new and innovative techniques to create depth and texture on a two-dimensional surface. Having grown up on the countryside, it is clear that the rich textures and colours that are synonymous with the Australia bush are the inspiration for his paintings. Nickless’ art entices the viewer by drawing the spectator into his world with his extraordinary sense of colour, his unique textures, and his boyish symbolism. Nickless has previously exhibited his work in Melbourne, Australia and in London, England. Lee now resides in Quebec.’ extract, Magazine Parcours.

Lee Nickless – Artist
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